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"Ricky is Fabulous. Have gone to him for 19 years. Not

only is he up to date on current styles and product, he makes suggestions that fit your life style, needs and personality. He's personal and engaging. His attention

to detail gives me the confidence to re create the style at home.....I appreciate his talent every time I go in.​"

"Laura Pickard is a talented stylist and colorist!  She is the perfect professional, listens to my needs, makes suggestions if I ask. And her suggestions are always excellent. I have left the salon with styles covering the wide range from fun and fresh to timeless and classic. She's great with color-- in fact, every other hair stylist who sees me after comments positively on my color which I believe is a tremendous compliment to Laur's artistry. With this review comes my highest reccomendation of Laura Pickard."

"My fave stylist, by far, is Sommer Penny.  She has a knack for bringing out the natural beauty in everyone (follow Sommer Styles on FB).  She specializes in current trends with color, highlights, cut, wedding styles, foliage, ombre, and delicious sun kissed beachy color.  She's the ONLY stylist I can go to with absolutely no glimmer of an idea in my head.  I can trust her 100% to come up with something fantabulous. Each time I've been, I've left with not only, my best color, but also my most favorite cut (different every time).  She's incredibly talented is well worth the trip from Denver into the beautiful town of Evergreen.  Sommer and the Salon & Spa at the Ridge are totally worth it!  Make the trip, and you'll never look back."

"Salon (and Spa) at the Ridge is fantastic.  My wife just came back and she looks great!  She said the staff are so professional and the owner is wonderful, she made her feel comfortable and relaxed. I hope my wife goes again and again.  Great place to go and right in Evergreen."

"The Salon and Spa at the Ridge is amazing. I received the best haircut and color I have had in years. The atmosphere is relaxing and the specialists are professional and highly skilled.  I would highly recommend this Salon!"

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